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  1. Sleepwear & Loungewear

Sleepwear & Loungewear
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Item: 140035

Cozy Flannel Pajama Set

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4.5 (78)

Item: 140071

Plaid Flannel Lounge Dress

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$17.99 to $29.99

4.5 (55)

Item: 057707

Border Print Patio Dress

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$14.99 to $22.99

4.6 (455)

Item: 058297

Easy-Care Aprons

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$11.99 to $15.99

4.6 (272)

Item: 140201

Fleece Bed Jacket

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$19.99 to $24.99

4.8 (52)

Item: 140063

Long Printed Nightgown

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$21.99 to $26.99

4.7 (62)

Item: 059519

Chenille Long Robe

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$29.99 to $41.99

4.4 (155)

Item: 059515

Cotton Flannel Duster Robe

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$14.99 to $19.99

4.7 (107)

Item: 150487

Brushed Back Satin PJ Set

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$24.99 to $29.99

4.6 (58)

Item: 140039

Flannel Snap-Front Duster

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4.4 (30)

Item: 056479

Trapunto Trim Caftan

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$24.99 to $29.99

4.4 (143)

Item: 140288

Flannel Wrap Robe

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$19.99 to $24.99

5.0 (3)

Item: 140034

Flannel Nightshirt

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$11.99 to $16.99

4.4 (34)

Item: 140291

Brushed-Back Satin Gown

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$21.99 to $26.99

3.0 (2)

Item: 055729

Henley Nightshirts Two-Pack

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$21.99 to $26.99

4.7 (211)

Item: 058733

Border Print Long Muumuu

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$21.99 to $26.99

4.7 (113)

Item: 056188

Embroidered Knit Nightgown

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$7.97 to $24.99

4.8 (122)

Item: 140196

Embroidered Striped Duster

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$14.99 to $22.99

4.8 (20)

Item: 058054

Fleece Snap-Front Long Robe

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$24.99 to $31.99

4.3 (74)

Item: 140202

Fleece Wrap Robe

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$24.99 to $29.99

4.8 (13)

Item: 059061

Print Knit PJ Short Set

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$9.99 to $22.99

4.8 (192)

Item: 000589

Long Leisure Lounge Dress

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$17.99 to $22.99

4.2 (84)

Item: 140177

Novelty Pajamas

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$21.99 to $26.99

4.6 (9)

Item: 058184

Long Knit Lounge Dress

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$22.99 to $27.99

4.7 (249)

Item: 005499

Pleated Caftan Dress with Pockets

$29.99 to $36.99

4.2 (85)

Item: 140203

Trapunto Trim Robe

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$29.99 to $36.99

4.3 (12)

Item: 140193

Fleece Duster

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$18.99 to $23.99

4.7 (3)

Item: 140236

Heathered Knit PJs

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$24.99 to $29.99

5.0 (1)
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Sweet Dreams Start with Stylish Sleepwear and Loungewear

In the busy world we live in, sleep and leisure time are held sacred. Make the most of your free time by relaxing in comfortable sleepwear made with soft, cozy materials. Whether you prefer to don a classic pajama set or a loose-fitting muu muu, you'll feel an instant sense of calm once the smooth fabrics touch your skin. And with dozens of gorgeous patterns and colors to choose from, you can rest easy knowing that you look great too!

One-Piece Wonders

For the utmost mobility and freedom, a one-piece sleep outfit such as a muu muu or nightgown is the way to go. These gorgeous gowns come with short or long sleeves and are available in a variety of patterns and lengths. Long nightgowns are modest and elegant while short nightgowns or nightshirts are more fun and breathable. With everything from petite to plus size nightgown options, anyone can slip on a cozy house dress and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Patio Ensembles

Longing to enjoy a cup of coffee on the patio without displaying your pajamas to the neighborhood? A caftan or patio dress could be just what you're looking for. These one-piece styles are comfortable enough to sleep in but are more fashionable than a standard nightgown. You'll look and feel great hosting an at-home breakfast event or sitting on your porch while wearing your lovely patio dress or caftan.

Mix and Match

Though many sleepwear options include skirted bottoms, classic pajama sets with lounge pants or shorts are also very popular. The sets come tops that are roomy and breathable and bottoms with elastic waistbands that won't dig into your skin while you lounge or sleep. The best part about pajama sets is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms from different sets to create new looks with fun color combinations.

Layered Warmth

Because sleepwear is meant to be comfortable and breathable, lightweight materials are often used. You may find you need a little extra warmth when there's a chill in the air. Housecoats are the perfect solution. These cozy robes layer directly over your sleepwear, allowing you to continue to wear your favorite cozy pajamas throughout the colder months. A housecoat is also useful year-round as a robe to wear after showering.

Style and Function

Lounging in front of the TV is great, but weekends and free time are also for enjoying other hobbies like crafting and cooking. With their lightweight materials and loose-fitting designs, cobbler aprons let you stay cozy while also protecting your clothing from spills and stains. Simply slip one on over your muumuu or other sleepwear, then enjoy a casual day working on your passion projects in comfort and style.After a long and busy day, the last thing you'll want to think about is what to wear to bed. With a wide selection of nightgowns, pajama sets, and robes in your closet, you'll always have something cozy to wear. Enjoy every second of your well-deserved leisure time with new sleepwear that's both comfortable and stylish.

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