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Create Your Perfect Shoe Fit with Shoe Accessories

Shop shoe inserts, shoe stretchers, insoles and more in AmeriMark's online store. We have all the shoe accessories you need to make your shoes feel as great as they look. Browse the latest cushioning technology, arch supports and shoe aids from brands you've come to know and love, like Copper Fit, NuFoot and Sidekicks.

Shop the Latest Shoe Inserts

The terms "insert” and "insole" are often used interchangeably, but there are a few subtle differences between these two types of shoe accessories. Shoe inserts are similar to orthotics, except they are not custom made to conform to the exact shape of your foot. Like orthotics, shoe inserts are contoured to provide extra support for your arches and heels. Half inserts are also available that can be placed in high heels to help reduce pressure in the ball of the foot. Unlike removable insoles, which are typically designed to completely cover the existing insoles in your shoes, inserts are typically designed to only partially cover the inside of your footwear.

Another important difference between inserts and insoles is that shoe inserts usually cannot be cut to fit a specific shoe without destroying the contoured design. Insoles, on the other hand, can usually be trimmed to fit perfectly inside your shoes.

You'll find a variety of shoe inserts in our catalog designed to cushion your feet, relieve tired, achy legs, provide added arch support and absorb impacts as you walk. Have a look at our online catalog to find the right cushioning solution for your walking shoes, high heels, sneakers or dress shoes.

If the Shoe Doesn't Fit, Stretch It

We've all been there. You try on a pair of shoes at the store that seems to be a perfect fit, only to end up with painful, blistery feet the first time you wear them. Enter the shoe stretcher. A shoe stretcher is a device placed inside of your shoes that stretches them two ways to provide extra room in areas where you need it most - such as the toe area, the sides of the shoes and the heel. shop our online store for shoe stretching devices, and say goodbye to calluses, corns and blisters.

Treat Your Feet to Cushiony Insoles

You'll find a good selection of shoe insoles in our collection of shoe accessories, including cushioning gel insoles and memory foam insoles. Both types of insoles provide excellent comfort and shock absorption, but gel insoles usually cannot be trimmed, whereas memory foam insoles can be cut to fit the exact length and width of your foot. When choosing an insole, be sure to pay attention to sizes, and check whether the insole can be trimmed. If you need a pair of insoles for athletic shoes or sneakers, look for ones that are breathable and anti-microbial. You'll find a variety of gel and memory foam insoles in our shoe accessory collection that are designed to suit a range of footwear, including sneakers, walking shoes, pumps, boots and heels. Check out our online catalog to discover the best insole for your needs.