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Discover Our Collection of Fashionable Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

AmeriMark is pleased to offer a wide selection of cubic zirconia jewelry. We feature CZ jewelry for women in many styles and colors. Our collection includes CZ rings, CZ pendants, CZ bracelets, and more. Browse our styles to find items that are ideal for you or someone you love. Cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone that rivals diamonds for brilliance but is made from the mineral zirconium dioxide. To the untrained eye cubic zirconia appears very much like a diamond, but of course without the huge expense!

CZ Rings

Our CZ jewelry for women includes CZ rings in an exciting range of styles. We offer CZ engagement rings and wedding band sets with stones that brim with lasting sparkle and beauty. We feature CZ rings with stones in shades of amber, crimson, emerald, and aquamarine. Our CZ gems are featured in different cuts like emerald cuts, princess cuts, pear shapes, trillion cuts, ovals, hearts, and more. Generously sized, these stones brim with attention-getting brilliance.

Creating CZ gemstones has become an incredibly advanced process. These flawless stones provide captivating beauty at a fraction of the cost of diamonds. Because they are more reasonably priced, many women feel more comfortable wearing their CZ rings each day no matter where they're going or what they're doing. Our CZ ring collection is quite expansive, so take time to find your favorite options.

CZ Pendants

Explore our CZ jewelry for women to find stunning CZ pendants in a wide range of colors and shapes. Looking for a birthstone pendant? We feature CZ gems that reflect traditional birthstone hues. A dazzling CZ pendant makes a memorable gift for someone special - including yourself! Wear your CZ pendant with formal attire or your everyday garb. We feature simple, classic CZ pendants as well as pendants that boast over-the-top sparkle style!

CZ Bracelets

As you peruse our CZ jewelry collection, you'll find timeless examples of CZ bracelets in various styles and colors. Our jewelry is made by high-quality designers. Each gemstone is attached with care. Choose a CZ bracelet with your birthstone color or one that mimics the look of a diamond tennis bracelet - but only you know its actual cost! We also feature gorgeous CZ bracelets that include actual gemstones such as deep red garnets. Whether you're looking for a trendy CZ bracelet or something classic, you'll find something to love in our CZ jewelry collection for women.

Caring for Your CZ Jewelry

It's important to care for your CZ jewelry to keep it looking its best. Avoid using harsh soaps or chemicals as these can leave a dulling residue behind. Also, avoid getting lotion, cosmetics, or hairspray on your CZ jewelry as these can also affect the luster of your stone over time. The best way to clean your CZ jewelry is simply to use hot soapy water and a small stiff brush to gently clean the stones. Rinse the jewelry with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. If you discover that your CZ jewelry has minor damage, be sure to check out our jewelry repair kits when shopping.