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Explore Our Jewelry Repair Products and Converters

AmeriMark features an extensive selection of jewelry, but we also feature products designed to help you care for your quality jewelry or to make it fit better. Small jewelry repairs can often be performed at home with the help of a kit. We offer products that help you make these small fixes, so you don't have to pay a jeweler to perform the service. We offer these items at affordable prices. Whether you need to make a small fix or attach an extender, so your jewel fits better, our collection features items to help with the task.

Ring Guards

Ring guards are some of the most popular jewelry converters. It often happens that we purchase a fashionable ring that's just a bit too large for our finger. That's no problem when you have a ring guard. These small items attach to the lower inner band of the ring and render the ring band smaller so that you can achieve a perfect fit. You can typically attach ring guards to any style of ring. Ring guards are ideal to keep on hand too. If your weight shifts, you may notice it in your fingers. When you lose weight, your favorite rings may feel too loose on your fingers. A ring guard prevents the ring from slipping off, so you don't inadvertently lose it.

Bracelet Chain Extenders

A bracelet chain extender is an ultra-convenient converter that easily allows you to extend your bracelet, so it fits your wrist better. We feature extenders with magnetic closures for easier use. In fact, if you have a bracelet that has a confusing or difficult closure, our magnet bracelet chain extenders attach to replace them for clasping. The magnets hold fast when clasped but are also easy to undo when you're ready to take off your jewelry.

Earring Converters

Want to turn a pair of pierced earrings into clip on earrings? Choose our earring converters to make this simple change. Often, clip on earrings are more comfortable and convenient to wear. We offer our earring converters in silver or gold tone so you can choose items that will match your pierced earrings.

Jewelry Cleaner

Harsh soaps and chemicals can dull your favorite jewelry. They can damage the metal or dim the luster and brilliance of stones. AmeriMark features an easy-to-use spray cleaner that is ideal for use on fashion or costume jewelry. It's also designed for use with diamonds and most metals. However, it should not be used on pearls or opals.

Jewelry Repair Kits

Making jewelry repairs is simple when you have the proper tools. It's not uncommon for jump rings to come open on jewels. You might mistakenly think your jewel is now broken, but the fix is a breeze when you have our jewelry repair kit. Simply replace the lost jump ring with one of ours and use the needle nose pliers to open, attach, and close it in place.

Explore our collection of jewelry cleaners, repair kits, and extenders to find the items you need. With the right items on hand, you can ensure that your jewelry fits properly and is optimally cared for.