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Sparkle and Shine with Gorgeous Fashion Jewelry

No outfit is complete without a little sparkle. The right fashion jewelry and accessories turn a basic, boring outfit into something that is truly unforgettable. Whether it's a statement necklace, an elegant bracelet, or a pretty pin, these eye-catching embellishments will have you feeling like royalty.

Women's Jewelry Favorites

When it comes to women's jewelry, there are always countless style and color options to choose from. Necklaces and bracelets for women are among the most popular jewelry choices as they're easy to wear and are very noticeable. Dainty metallic chains are super versatile add subtle sparkle to your wardrobe. If you'd prefer to make a statement, a chunky, colorful necklace or bracelet will really steal the show. It's best to have a nice mix of styles in your jewelry box so you always have the right pieces to match any outfit. Earrings for women also come in a variety of styles, from small studs with colored gems to opulent hoops and dangling earrings. Likewise, rings range from metallic bands to attention-grabbing cocktail rings with a vintage feel. Choose from classic diamond or pearl rings or branch out with a lovely jade, amethyst, garnet, turquoise, or sapphire gemstone.If you want to really show off your personality, be sure to browse the selection of pins and brooches. Brooches have been worn for hundreds of years as outfit embellishments and continue to rise in popularity today. But unlike vintage brooches, which are usually abstract in design, modern pins and brooches often take the shape of specific creatures or symbols. Simply pin a beautiful brooch to your shirt or jacket to jazz up your outfit and show some love to your favorite animals, hobbies, or holidays.

Men's Jewelry Favorites

Jewelry may be traditionally associated with women, but there are also many masculine pieces available that can really enhance men's wardrobes. Men's necklaces usually consist of a metallic chain with a simple pendant, often a cross or other small charm. The chains add subtle sparkle to your neckline but are long enough to tuck under a t-shirt if preferred.Men who often dress up for work or events will use a different neckline embellishment - the classic necktie. Tie bars and tie clips are a trendy way to liven up a basic suit and tie. And they're not only stylish but functional too! Tie clips clip your tie to your shirt to keep it straight and centered. For events where a traditional necktie isn't necessary, bolo ties are a fun alternative. Bolo ties are much more casual in style yet still add a little sparkle to any collared shirt.Another popular jewelry item for men is the ring. While rings for women usually have a thin, dainty band, men's rings are chunky and have a much heavier feel. Classic rings for men are brushed in one single color, usually silver or black. These timeless, masculine rings are often used as wedding bands. For special occasions, there are also a variety of deluxe rings complete with eye-catching gems like diamonds and tiger's eyes.

Gifts They'll Love

Buying jewelry as a gift for a loved one is an extremely personal way to show that you care. But picking out jewelry for someone else is not always easy! That's why jewelry sets are such a great gift option. Jewelry sets include multiple perfectly coordinated pieces that can be worn together or separately based on the wearer's preference. Most sets come with a stunning necklace and a matching pair of earrings. Religious jewelry is another popular gift item. Beautiful symbols of faith can be found on rings, pins, and more. Many styles are suitable for men or women from youth to adulthood. If you're celebrating a religious holiday or a faith milestone in someone's life, gifting religious jewelry really shows your support.A special way to show off your intimate connection with a loved one is with personalized jewelry. Rings, necklace pendants, and bracelets can all be customized by adding a name or a special word. Some can even be further customized by adding their birthstone gem. There are also certain jewelry items that have spots for multiple birthstones. You can then customize the piece to include the birthstones of an entire family, creating a special wearable family tree that they're sure to cherish forever.

Caring for Your Jewelry

When you find a special piece of jewelry that you love, you'll want to keep it in your outfit rotation for a long time. But regular wear can put a strain on your favorite items. Thankfully, there are many innovative items that can lengthen the life of your favorite earrings, bracelets, and necklace chains. Jewelry repair is made simple with all-in-one repair kits that include everything from tools to replacement parts. Never again will you worry about losing an earring back or breaking the fastener on your favorite chain. Other helpful repair products include lifts that attach to your earrings to keep them straight and properly positioned on your earlobe. Jewelry converters are another category of products that add value to your fashion jewelry. What if the new ring you've purchased is the incorrect size? Instead of buying a new ring, simply use a ring sizing rod to adjust to a smaller size. These rods also give you the ability to wear the same ring on multiple fingers. What if your necklace is too short? Chain extenders attach easily to any necklace to instantly add length. They also come in gold and silver so you can use them on a variety of necklace chains. These awesome transformational products will change the way you look at your jewelry.Whether you're looking to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe or need a gift that will really impress, fashion jewelry is the perfect option. From bracelets, rings and brooches for women to rings and tie clips for men, you're sure to find a beautiful, affordable piece that will add style and shine to any outfit.