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Item: 059125

Polka-Dot Dress

More Colors

$18.97 to $29.99

4.3 (93)

Item: 059884

Breezy Sundress

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$10.97 to $18.99

4.6 (237)

Item: 056492

Print Sundress

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$16.99 to $20.99

4.4 (354)

Item: 140183

Popover Dress

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$39.99 to $44.99

Item: 150944

Long Lounger

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$24.99 to $29.99

4.8 (6)

Item: 058972

Animal Print Jacket Dress



4.4 (7)

Item: 151259

Knit Polo Dress

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$29.99 to $36.99

4.8 (6)

Item: 057996

Petal-Tiered Dress



4.8 (17)

Item: 150299

Hi-Low Gown

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4.8 (12)

Item: 140004

Border Print Shift Dress



4.0 (4)

Item: 140045

Houndstooth Suit

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5.0 (4)

Item: 150553

Flannel Dress

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3.7 (9)

Item: 150566

Ponte Knit Grommet Dress



4.7 (6)

Item: 150722

Short Sleeve Lounge Dress



4.5 (11)

Item: 150788

Long-Line Jacket Dress

More Colors


$44.99 to $49.99

3.9 (8)

Item: 151683

Dot Jacket Dress


$44.99 to $49.99

Item: 056386

Solid Jacket Dress



3.9 (11)

Item: 151848

White Print Maxi

$39.99 to $47.99

Item: 151869

Linen-Like Dress


$34.99 to $41.99

Item: 150847

Color-Block Jacket Dress



Item: 140234

Popover Dress

More Colors

$29.99 to $34.99

1.0 (1)

Item: 150749

Knit Maxi Dress

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$22.97 to $41.99

4.3 (22)

Item: 152004

Beaded 2-Piece Evening Gown

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$69.99 to $79.99

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Fashion Dresses for Casual Events and Special Occasions

With a closet filled with gorgeous fashion dresses, you'll always be ready for any occasion. Dresses are one of the best types of women's clothing to have, as they're a full outfit on their own. Skip the struggle of matching a top to a skirt or slacks - simply pick a dress, add a few accessories (like jewelry, a shawl, and matching pair of shoes), and you can head out the door looking super stylish and put together. Browse the collection of fashion dresses at AmeriMark to find great styles for casual events and special occasions.

Women's Sundresses

Spring and summer are the seasons of sundresses. These loose, flowy garments are incredibly popular to wear when the weather's warm, as they're comfortable, cute, and breathable. Fashion dresses for summertime generally feature pretty prints, like stripes or florals, and a bold color palette. Don't be afraid to wear bright shades, like coral and aqua, as these colors really pop in the summer sun. Some styles have short sleeves while others are sleeveless, and they may be super flowy or tailored at the waist. Knee length and maxi options are available.

While most sundresses are fairly casual, they can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Pair these fun maxi or knee length dresses with casual fashion sunglasses, sun hats, and strappy sandals for a beach-ready look. Transform the same dress into a night-appropriate outfit with heels, elegant jewelry, and a sparkly clutch. No matter which look you choose, don't forget the sunscreen!

Women's Church Dresses

Building up a church wardrobe of modest dresses ensures you always have something appropriate to wear to religious events. Simple jacket dresses make great church wear as they're typically knee length or longer and come with a matching jacket for modesty. Depending on your church's dress code, however, these outfits may be a little too formal.

During the spring and summer, some sundresses can be made more modest by adding pantyhose or tights and a light cardigan. For the colder months, you may choose to add a warmer cardigan or light jacket to your church-appropriate dress. You can also shop the AmeriMark collections of slacks and dressy long-sleeved tops for more cold-weather, church-appropriate outfit options.

Women's Special Occasion Dresses

For anniversary dates, weddings, or other special occasions, you'll want a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident. You're sure to sparkle in a dress with tulip sleeves, embroidery, lace trim, or other unique decorative details. For a fancy occasion, a sleeveless dress will probably be too casual, so look for dresses with sleeves or plan to add a shawl or cardigan.

With dozens of color and style options, jacket dresses are an excellent choice for formal gatherings (like weddings). Since the jacket and the dress are typically two separate pieces, you can wear them together for dinner or family photographs, then remove the jacket to dance the night away. Some even come with a built-in necklace, so you'll only need to add earrings and shoes to complete the look.

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