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Home Electronics and Security Devices

You don't have to be a technology expert to benefit from modern consumer electronics. The home electronics at AmeriMark are simple to use and will fill your home with music or help you connect with family and friends. LED lights are another great option that can add focused lighting to your desks and tables for reading, crafting, and other detailed tasks. There are also many electronic devices available to add protection to your home, like battery-operated alarms that install in seconds. Shop the electronic collection today to find great devices to upgrade your living spaces.

Everyday Electronics for Entertainment

These days, entertainment can be found at just the touch of a button. Listen to your favorite CDs and radio stations through the high-quality speakers of a portable CD player. These home electronics can be plugged into any wall outlet or filled with batteries for extra portability as you do chores around the home. Personal CD players with headphones are also available. If you prefer cassette tapes to CDs, look for a portable cassette player instead. Some are even small enough to fit into your pocket for music on-the-go.

Stay connected with friends and family around the globe with a simple corded phone. Place the phone on a table near a cozy chair for long conversations or mount one to the wall to keep your surfaces clear. Most corded phones also come with useful features like visual ring indicators and easy-to-read buttons and screens.

Lamps and Emergency Lights

Proper lighting not only makes your home feel cozy but can also be useful in case of emergency. Add a standing LED lamp or table lamp to any room to brighten it up instantly. LED light bulbs are just as bright as a regular incandescent bulb but are more energy-efficient and last for thousands of hours. For emergencies, consider also keeping a few battery-powered LED lanterns and extra batteries handy.

Home Alarms and Security Devices

Making improvements to your home security will help to give you peace of mind, day or night. Security bars are designed to fit securely under your doorknob to provide extra protection to your entryways. Some even play an alarm when the outside doorknob is touched to alert you to a potential security issue. Other options include door alarms that hang from any doorknob and emit a loud noise if the knob turns, or small door and window locks. Since these home electronics are easy to install and leave little to no marks on your doors or window frames, they're useful for homeowners and renters alike.

For improved personal security while on the go, always keep an emergency flashlight in your purse or pockets. You never know when these battery-powered lights will come in handy! There are also several pepper spray options to choose from, built to fit right on your keychain. While it will hopefully never have to be used, it's nice to have just in case.