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Home and Bath Mobility Aids

Being able to complete tasks independently is not only useful for people living alone but can also be a big confidence booster. Upgrade your living spaces with multipurpose home mobility aids, like a lightweight grabber tool or a foldable step stool. These smart devices take up very little space but make a big difference in terms of accessibility. There are also many bath mobility aids available to choose from at AmeriMark to upgrade your toilet and shower.

Versatile Home Mobility Aids

When you bend to reach items that have fallen on the ground, or stretch to reach items in high cupboards, you put yourself at risk for falls and pulled muscles. Keep a handy reacher grabber stick in every room to facilitate grabbing small and large items from tight spaces. These sticks come with suction cup grips and easy-squeeze, ergonomically designed triggers. A portable folding step stool is another top tool for reaching anything you need on the top shelf.

Bedroom Mobility Aids

As your home's private sanctuary, it's important that your bedroom is a comfortable place where you love to spend time. Improve accessibility in the bedroom with the right mobility aids, like an adjustable bedside table. These tables attach directly to the side of your bed and can be used to hold reading glasses, beverages, and other bedside essentials.

Height-adjustable bed guard rails are a must-have safety feature for anyone with mobility issues. These easy-to-install rails give you a comfortable handle to hold onto while getting in and out of bed. They may also prevent you from rolling out if you toss and turn a lot while sleeping. Complete your bedroom upgrade by leaving a shoe horn in your closet to help with putting on shoes and removing socks.

Bath Mobility Aids

Taking a bath or shower can be a stressful situation if you have mobility limitations or balance issues. Proper bath mobility aids transform any bathroom into a safe and comfortable space. Adding a simple shower bench or shower seat to your bathtub or shower stall gives you a sturdy place to sit, allowing you to save energy. Pair with a handheld showerhead so you can easily wash and rinse while seated. If you prefer to take baths, you can also install a bath lift that uses battery-operated power to gently lower you into the bathtub for a relaxing soak.

For the toilet, there are a few different accessibility options available. One popular choice is a toilet safety rail. These rails can be adjusted to fit around any toilet and create convenient handrails for steady bathroom support. They can also be used in conjunction with a raised toilet seat, which adds height (about four inches) to the toilet, making it easier to sit and rise. A shower grab bar made of rustproof chrome-plated steel is another great option. These versatile bars can be installed on the wall near the shower, near the toilet, or elsewhere in the bathroom to provide sturdy support.