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Elastic Tablecloth Styles for Mess-Free Dining

If you love to entertain, you need an elastic tablecloth for your dining room table. These tablecloths protect round wood, metal, or glass tables from scuffs and spills and have a surface that's super easy to clean. With their handy elastic edging, these table linens fit tight with no bumps or wrinkles and will stay in place throughout the whole meal.

In addition to helping with cleanup, they'll also add style and color to your dining room table. There are several round elastic tablecloth styles to choose from, including colorful floral prints and faux marble designs. These types of simple home accents allow you to show off your personality in every room of the home. Use an elastic tablecloth at your next party or family dinner for a stress- and mess-free dining experience.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Once you have your dining room prepared and decorated, you may feel an instant urge to cook a lovely family dinner. The collection of kitchen gadgets at AmeriMark includes a variety of tools to help with every step of the cooking process, including chopping and cleanup. Shop for a miniature chopper to slice and dice your favorite ingredients in seconds. These handy gadgets cut faster than knives and often come with a built-in food storage container. Versatile kitchen scissors are another top tool to have for cutting delicate herbs or trimming the fat from meat or poultry.

Tackle stubborn kitchen messes with a super-concentrated degreaser, as seen on TV. These cleaners cut through grease and remove baked-on food stains like magic. You can also cut down on cleanup time by upgrading your everyday pots and pans to non-stick copper cookware. These pans heat evenly and require little to no oil to prevent stuck-on food.

Top Home Gadgets

With the dining room and kitchen transformed, it's time to turn your attention towards the rest of the home. Keep your floors as clean as your dining table with the help of a portable carpet shampooer. These handy devices can be moved from room to room to shampoo and deep clean the carpets in your bedroom, living room, and hallways. Since they're so lightweight and easy to maneuver, they can even be used to clean carpeted stairs or small rugs anywhere in the home.

Stay cool while cleaning with an air vent deflector, designed to redirect airflow from your floor register to achieve the optimal home temperature. Using a deflector conserves energy from your heater or air conditioner, saving you money on your energy bills. These vent deflectors can be adjusted to fit most heat registers and attach securely with magnets. A door security bar also attaches securely to your door, but for a different reason. These home security devices add an extra layer of protection to your front or back door by anchoring to the doorknob on one end and the floor on the other. Some also include loud alarms that will trigger if the outside doorknob turns.