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Spring Perennial Bulbs for Your Home Garden

Nothing says spring like a garden of beautiful, colorful flowers coming to life after a long winter. This season, fill your front or backyard with the spring perennial bulbs that are suitable for your planting area. With proper care, perennial flowers will bloom in the springtime for many years to come. Choose from a wide selection of spring perennial bulbs in this collection, then add the proper maintenance tools and fun garden accessories.

Stunning Spring Flowers

A garden filled with spring perennial bulbs will bloom into a colorful, peaceful space filled with life. Though you may have missed the fall planting season for tulip, daffodil, and snowdrop bulbs, there are still many flower options that are perfect for spring planting. The live bulbs will ship right to your door just in time for the optimal planting season for your region.Add a flash of orange to your front or backyard by planting some butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa). These plants are easy to care for and will likely attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bumblebees to your garden. Another lovely spring garden option is the oriental stargazer lily, a flower that's known for its strong floral fragrance and impressive blooms. Some bulb sets come with a blend of different flowers, like grand freesia and ranunculus, in a range of colors for an incredible rainbow effect.

Garden Maintenance

While choosing the flower types may be the most fun gardening task, your beautiful blooms won't last long without proper maintenance. Keep a full set of gardening tools on hand to help with all the messy tasks, including gardening gloves to protect your hands, cute sun hats, watering cans or a long garden hose, pruning shears, and tools for digging. You may also need other outdoor problem solvers, like bug spray and bug zappers. Before using these products, be sure to learn which insects are beneficial to your plants and which ones require strict pest control.

With your flower garden looking its best, you'll want the rest of your yard to match. Cover a bare, patchy, or dry lawn with Canada Green Grass as seen on TV. Their two-pound bags include a mix of different grass seeds that will cover up to 1000 square feet of lawn and grow in almost any type of soil. With just time, water, and Canada Green Grass, your lush green lawn will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Garden Decor

Though your green grass and colorful plants are the stars of the show, adding a few special garden accessories will only enhance their natural beauty. Hang some solar string lights from your backyard fence or front porch so you can enjoy your garden day or night. Bright garage lights with a motion sensor are also a smart choice for homeowners. This extra illumination is useful when coming home late. Complete your peaceful garden space with other pretty decorative items, like a bird feeder, solar garden stakes in fun shapes and colors, and a pot of silk flowers that never need to be watered.