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Skin Care Treatments for Every Skin Type

When you treat your skin right, you'll not only look younger but also feel more confident and healthy. The top skin care treatments at AmeriMark are designed to give any woman soft, glowing, and hydrated skin. Use a skin lightening soap on your face and body to reduce dark spots for a more even skin tone. These soap bars also include moisturizing ingredients for hydrated skin. If you are prone to skin tags, choose from a wide range of skin care treatments designed to remove them naturally and effectively.

For younger-looking skin, look for vitamin-enriched skin treatments, like a retinol (vitamin A1) face cream. Retinol is known to promote skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and other age spots. There are also several eye serums available to target crow's feet and dark circles, and hand creams to hydrate and provide relief from eczema or arthritis.

Top Hair Care Products

With your medicine cabinet filled with skin care treatments for your hands, face, and body, it's time to take care of another important feature: your hair. Creating a proper hair care routine can help you to reduce frizz and damage and ensure you always look polished and sophisticated. The hair care for women collection includes products like shampoo and conditioner for regular washes and deep conditioning treatments for periodic use. Dry shampoo, miracle hair regrowth creams, and styling gels are also available.

On days when your natural hair won't behave, grooming tools can be very useful. Use a handy detangling brush to work through wet or dry hair without pulling or causing damage. Smart hot air styling tools are also available to add volume and straighten your hair as you dry for a sleek look. If you're in between coloring appointments, there are powder or cream products that can be applied at the roots to cover gray hair temporarily. These products come in various shades of brown, black, and red to suit most hair colors.

Personal Care Products

This collection also includes a selection of personal care products for other issues, like vision problems. Several stylish eyewear options are available to help with reading fine print or seeing small details. Choose from reading glasses with clear lenses or sunglass readers for outdoor use. Since proper vision care is very important, be sure to keep a few readers around so you never strain your eyes reading small print.

There are also many incontinence products for women, including ladies panties with a built-in absorbent pad. While they'll effectively protect against moderate to heavy incontinence, these panties are designed to look just like regular full-cut briefs. They come in sizes small to 8x and in a variety of color options. You can also keep a supply of incontinence pads on hand in your purse and bathroom in case of an emergency. These super-absorbent pads have a sticky surface that attaches to any panties to absorb leaks and block odors. They come in convenient 28-packs and are comfortable enough to wear overnight for stress-free sleep.