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Support Pillows, Wraps, and Braces for Total Comfort

When you're suffering from back pain, a neck ache, or some other type of sore muscle, it can be hard to concentrate on your day-to-day tasks. That's why it's so important to take preventative action by adding support pillows to your bed and support cushions to your chairs. These cushions help you to maintain good posture while sleeping or sitting, so your back, neck, shoulders, and other muscles are adequately supported. If you do find yourself with a sore back or a sports injury, there are also several wraps and braces available to choose from to treat leg, wrist, back, foot, and neck pain.

Support Pillows for Sleeping

If you've ever woken up with a sore neck and a stiff back, you know how important it is to sleep with the right pillows. Not only do bed cushions give you a cozy spot to rest your head, but they also help to keep your spine properly aligned as you sleep. If you're a back sleeper, look for support pillows that are thin and firm. Stomach sleepers also need flat pillows, but they can be on the soft side. Side sleepers should use a tall, firm pillow at their head, plus a knee support pillow between their knees for proper alignment of the legs, hips, and spine. If you have any respiratory difficulties, a bed wedge pillow can help to keep you slightly elevated and may alleviate some of your symptoms.

Support Cushions for Chairs

If you spend a lot of your day sitting at a desk or in the car, you need to upgrade your seats with chair support cushions. As seen on TV, the Egg Sitter Cushion is a favorite item for improving office chairs, dining room chairs, car seats, and more. These gel cushions feature a honeycomb design that provides support, absorbs pressure, allows air to circulate, and stays cool all day. Plus, the Egg Sitter Cushion comes with a removable, washable seat cover.

If you spend most of your day standing, upgrade your sofa with a leg ramp or leg wedge. These cushions are specially designed to gradually elevate your feet, which can alleviate pain and reduce swelling from a day of standing. You can also enhance your recliner chair with a leg rest cushion to lift your legs and improve blood circulation.

Support Wraps and Braces

When lower back pain occurs, it can be painful to move at all, let alone get to work or get chores done around the house. Be ready at all times with a back support brace in your medicine cabinet. These handy braces cover your lower back and provide compression and support. A back belt can also help to correct your posture. Another important item to keep handy is a neck support wrap to treat stiff necks. If you suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis pain, you should also have a wrist support brace, and if you're a runner, a knee support wrap is an important recovery tool.