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Walkers and Other Top Mobility Aids

Living with a mobility impairment can be frustrating, especially if you don't have the right mobility tools. At AmeriMark, you'll find a wide range of devices to help you get where you need to go. Choose from a selection of motorized wheelchairs or scooters that can be personalized with patterned cushions and other accessories. Manual tools, like walkers, canes, and rollators, are also available.

No matter which device you choose, you can store your wallet, medications, and other daily essentials in a handy mobility bag. These bags feature several spacious pockets and zipper closures with finger key rings for easy access. Using the buckles or hook-and-loop fasteners, they can be attached securely to walkers or other mobility devices.

Electric Mobility Devices

If you have a moderate to severe physical impairment, or often travel long distances, a motorized device is likely the best option for you. These devices use built-in batteries and are controlled by buttons or throttles. While they require very little energy to use, these devices are big and bulky, and it may take some time to learn how to maneuver in tight spaces effectively. Wheelchairs can also be customized with cushions for comfort, plus other add-ons like cup holders and armrest pouches.

Power scooters are another excellent option for people with mobility impairments. Most styles can easily be folded up or disassembled for storage or transport, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Personalize your device with cozy seat cushions and a scooter trailer to transport groceries and other large items.

Manual Mobility Aids

If you're able to walk on your own, but need some help with balance, there are plenty of simple mobility aids to choose from. Canes are ideal for anyone with leg pain or weakness on one side. They feature a comfortable, padded grip on one end and a sturdy foot on the other that will hold your weight and keep you stabilized. With various styles and colors to choose from, they can also act as a fashion accessory. All walking canes are height-adjustable, and most can be folded up for storage and transport.

Mobility walkers are another great invention for anyone with health issues that affect their leg strength and balance. Most modern styles feature a sturdy, yet lightweight metal frame with padded grips for support. The structure usually has two wheels at the front for effortless maneuverability and is height-adjustable to suit your needs. You can also attach a padded walker seat to the frame so you'll always have a place to sit when you need to take a break.

A rollator is very similar to a walker, with a sturdy metal frame and comfortable grips to hold. However, unlike a walker, which may have two wheels or no wheels at all, rollators always come with three or four wheeled feet for maximum maneuverability. These smart rolling devices give you the confidence to walk long distances without fear of falls or unnecessary stress on your joints.